A world of opportunities is open to our seniors.  Capturing the transition as their high school time comes to an end is special.

I love to get to know them and take their portrait that reflects their interests - nature, music or a place that is just special to them - like my daughter at the barn!  Going to a place that has special meaning to them produces the most relaxed and natural pictures.  I capture their true self.

A senior portrait package is a two hour photo shoot at a site of your choosing.   You may wear as many outfits as fit in the time.  You then review the pictures and make your selection, including cropping and adjustments.  The basic package includes your selected picture sent to your school and 3 prints, one 8x10 and two 5x7.  Each print can be a different picture.   Additional prints can be purchased individually or in a convenient package.

We'll find a location that's special for you that fits your interests and will make your portrait unique.