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Portraits...Senior or Anytime

For the last 8 plus years my daughter's passion for all things equestrian led to my taking many, many pictures of horses. After much trial and error and getting much better equipment, I gave away my photos to family, friends and often other parents at horse shows. Creating photo collages for the IEA and IHSA team from our home barn of Huntington Meadows Stables, as well as doing senior pictures and uploading photos is part of my regular weekly routine. So many people told me I should be doing this professionally I finally got the message! .

My pictures all tell a story about where we are or what we are doing - I love to get a sequence so that the viewer feels as if they attended the event. For weddings, that means watching the bride become radiant as she does her hair, makeup, and finally the dress. For the groom a peek at him before to see if he clear and confident or slightly scared and nervous.  The posed shots of family, of course, but the unexpected natural moments are far more fun. My favorite shots of late are when they think they are done and just sit and relax. Doing senior pictures at the barn has shown a variety of styles from very casual and relaxed to elegance and grace. Each portrait should reflect the person's personality, not just me as a photographer making a statement.

Look through my pictures and see what you think! I'd love feedback as I continue to grow in artistry in photography.